Gemstone Properties

Zebra Stone  600 Million Year Old Mystery
Grounding stones connect us to Mother Earth.
They ground our energy into the earth and help us remain grounded and in tune with nature.
Being grounded helps us feel more in touch with our inner bodies, we feel stable, secure, safe, calm and protected against negative energy.

Primordial   1200 Million Year Old Mystery
Primordial has a ceiling date of 1200 million years. It is dated by the fossilised plant material found throughout the rock.
These are identified by white specks found in the bands throughout the rock deposit. So far 53 colour variations have been identified from the Riverine Siltstone.
The only known deposits of this unique rock have been found in the East Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

Liesengang  Liesengang rings are also called Liesengang bands. They are coloured bands of cement observed in sedimentary rocks that typically cut-across bedding.
These secondary sedimentary structures exhibit bands of authigenic minerals that are arranged in a regular repeating pattern. Liesengang rings are distinguishable from other sedimentary structures by their concentric or ring-like appearance.

Boulder Opal  Grounding stone a symbol of hope and beauty.
Opal is said to amplify feelings and emotions, decrease inhibitions, promote spontaneity and healing. 

Amethyst   Spiritual growth and protection.
Helps calm the central nervous system, used while meditating to further relieve stress and anxiety, also helps those with an addiction.